Welcome to Jollyday

I decided to create this project and solve the holiday 'problem' generally after I had to implement some kind holiday aware code for the third software project in my career.

The idea behind this is to have an independent API which can be used in any kind of environment. That means no network or database needed.

There are two release branches which are based on different Java versions.

0.4.x - Java 7 - uses JODA time API

0.5.x - Java 8

At any time you can provide your own XML file containing your holiday rules. Please see the usage page.

The code development has moved to a Github repository.

Your help will be very much appreciated

The most important thing is the validation of the holiday XML data files. If you like you could look at your countries XML file and see if you can find a missing/wrong holiday rule. The smaller your country is the more important it would be to have your opinion on the XML data.

If you would rather like to have the XML data file offline then you can download the jar file. It contains some XML configuration files named 'Holidays_[country].xml' which contain the necessary information for determining the holidays for a year/country/region.

For the very latest XML data please refer to the Github repository.


Jollyday comes with a list of holiday calendars for different countries.

The countries are stored by their ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code in separate XML files. To find out which countries are supported please see the navigation menu.

Additionally there is currently a calendar for the holidays of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Users may create their own holiday calendars following the general naming schema of the holiday files and using the Holiday.xsd schema.


Jollyday is also available on Maven Central repository.


(Please check Application Servers to check for additional details of using Jollyday inside a Web Application or Enterprise Application)