XML data

The holiday configuration data is stored in XML files. Each holiday calendar has its own file named Holidays_[name].xml. If you want to use your own XML files with this API you can provide your own XML files by putting them into the applications classpath.

Each XML file conforms the a XML schema Holiday.xsd provided with the API and consist of a root Configuration. Each Configuration contains a list of holidays and zero or more SubConfiguration nodes.

Those Configuration nodes form a hierarchical structure. Each child node will have all parent holidays plus its own.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tns:Configuration hierarchy="us" description="United States" 
        xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.example.org/Holiday Holiday.xsd ">
          <tns:Fixed month="JANUARY" day="1" />
          <tns:Fixed month="JULY" day="4" validFrom="1776"/>
          <tns:Fixed month="NOVEMBER" day="11" validFrom="1938"/>
          <tns:Fixed month="DECEMBER" day="25" />
          <tns:Fixed month="MAY" day="30" validFrom="1869" validTo="1967" />
          <tns:FixedWeekday which="LAST" weekday="MONDAY" month="MAY" validFrom="1968" />
          <tns:FixedWeekday which="FIRST" weekday="MONDAY" month="SEPTEMBER" validFrom="1895"/>
          <tns:FixedWeekday which="FOURTH" weekday="THURSDAY" month="NOVEMBER" validFrom="1863"/>
  <tns:SubConfigurations hierarchy="al" description="Alabama">

The Holidays on the top most Configuration node represent the list of country-wide holidays. Each SubConfiguration add holidays to this list for this sub-region.

Each holiday may have attributes validFrom and validTo which define the years this holiday occurs.


There are several different holiday configuration types. Depending on the way the holidays shall be determined.

  • Properties for any type of holiday
    The year this holiday first occurred.
    The year this holiday will occur last.
    The cycle in which this holiday will occur. i.e 2_YEARS or ODD_YEARS
    The key under which you will find the localized holiday name.
  • Fixed
    <tns:Fixed month="JANUARY" day="1" />

    This example defines a holiday an the first of january.

  • FixedWeekday
    <tns:FixedWeekdayInMonth which="LAST" weekday="MONDAY" month="MAY" validFrom="1968" />

    This example defines a holiday as the last monday on may beginning in 1968.

  • RelativeToWeekdayInMonth
    <tns:RelativeToWeekdayInMonth weekday="FRIDAY" when="AFTER">
            <tns:FixedWeekday which="FOURTH" weekday="MONDAY" month="NOVEMBER"/>

    This example defines a holiday as the friday after the fourth monday in november.

  • ChristianHoliday
    <tns:ChristianHoliday type="GOOD_FRIDAY"/>

    This example defines a holiday as the friday two days before easter sunday.

    <tns:ChristianHoliday type="EASTER_MONDAY" chronology="JULIAN"/>

    This example defines a holiday as the monday after easter sunday in the julian chronology.

  • RelativeToFixed
            <tns:Date month="NOVEMBER" day="23"/>

    This example defines a holiday as the wednesday before november 23rd.

  • IslamicHoliday
    <tns:IslamicHoliday type="ID_UL_ADHA"/>

    This example defines a holiday 'Festival of Sacrifice' in the islamic chronology.